Ubatubino en francais Ubatuba Sat Brazil
 Ubatubino is an affordable budget cost Arduino(a circuit plating which alows a group of components form a motherboard) it helps to create electronic and interactive objects. The Ubatubino board is developed by Globalcode one of Ubatuba Sats' partners involved in the project. This board provides students the initial and perhaps the first contact with the world of electronics and programmable circuitry.
 Created in Italy, Arduino is a small computer free of software and hardware, it can be programmed to control external devices connected to it, constituting in a embedded or in an on-board computing platform.
Ubatubino controlling a rotor engine
Ubatuba Sat Esquema das Palacas
Students welding components onto the PCI's circuit board
Ensino no Brasil sobre Engenharia

Teachers and students while analizing the PCI's board circuitry