Interorbital Systems for Ubatuba Sat

INPE for Ubatuba Sat

Satellites Ubatuba Sat in English
Tancredos' satellites I, II of the Ubatuba Sats' project are built with kits provided by Interorbital Systems located in Mojave CA, USA.
  With a starting price of  8.000 US dollars, in the kit including it's structural design, comes the main electronic components as well as the launch service. Extra necessary components can be purchased in any other electronic store in your country.
 It lets you choose the right application or the experiment of your own choosing, afterwards, the manufacturer must design the application in accord to whart defines the use of the satellite you chose, as well as making adjustments or adaptations from the original design.  In Tancredos' case, we chose to build and adapt a small tapeplayer recorder that will broadcast a voice message from space to the entire world, there is also a competition involving alll students in Tancredos' school for the best inspirering quote, the winner's message will be recorded and broadcasted from orbit for a period of three months.
  A partnership with  INPE , National Institute of Space Research was crucial, an unprecedented fact in Brazil of having elementary school students work with real professional researchers.



Satellite with the sample ejection cylinder from the rocket Neptune 45

Internal structure of Tancredo Satellite
Ubatuba Sat Esquema das Palacas
Schematic drawing showing the rack of printed circuit boards (PCB) of the satellite
PCI Antenna
Ensino no Brasil sobre Engenharia
Photo of the PCI antenna
PCI Power Management
Foto PCI gerenciamento de potencia
PCI Radio, Transmitter and Receiver
Alunos do Tancredo Treinam no INPE Ubatuba Sat
Photo of the PCI Radio board
On-Board PCI Computer
Alunos do Tancredo Neves na Califórnia Pasadena Interorbital Systems
Photo of the On-Board PCI Computer