Media   Links of national and international published media about Ubatuba Sats'  Project is shown bellow: Ubatuba Sat in English


SatMagazine - January 2011: Article from Randa Milliron CEO of Interorbital quotes Ubatuba Sat  project as the most ambitious in the world
Pesquisa Magazine - Magazine  of the major development agency from Brazil published an article about  Ubatuba Sat  project.
Info Exame Magazine - Article published in february 2011.
TV BRASIL - Brasil Reporter news, march 2nd 2011, our first TV broadcasted report.
Rede Globo TV- 17/05/2011 - Vanguarda TV news.
G1 News Portal - 17/05/2011 - Globo TV.
Le Courrier Du Vietnam - 06 /06/2011 - Vietnans' news in French.
Ubatuba in Magazine - Ubatubas' city tourism and culture magazine, july 2011 edition.

Brazilian Space Blog - july 2011, space news blog covering the latest of brazilian space development topics, there have been many articles about Ubatuba Sats' Project posted here.

Rede Globo TV - 17/10/2011 - Vanguarda TV news, about NASAs' administrators' visit.
Vanguarda TV News - 17/10/2011 - Talking about Charle Boldens'(NASA) visit, and the meeting with our students.
LIT - INPE - Convention concerning the NASAs' administrators' visit.
SatMagazine - October 2011 - New article of Randa Milliron(Interorbital Systems) talking about the project.