Interorbital Systems for Ubatuba Sat

INPE for Ubatuba Sat


Events Ubatuba Sat in English
 The team of Ubatubasat project has conducted several events and participated in educational scientific lectures and congresses.
Scientific Congresses
Two articles concerning Ubatuba Sats' Project were published in International Congresses.
Ubatuba Sat Esquema das Palacas

Article shown in the XIII IGIP held in Santos-SP, in march of 2011.
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Ensino no Brasil sobre Engenharia
Article shown in the 28th ISTS held in Okinawa-Japan in june 2011.
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A Lecture presentation of Ubatuba Sats' Project in the VIII SEA - an anual event of the School of Aeronautics Engineering of São Carlos-SP .

Alunos do Tancredo Treinam no INPE Ubatuba Sat

Robotics Lecture
Vinicius Senger from Globalcode lecturing the students of Ubatuba Sats' Project

Alunos do Tancredo Neves na Califórnia Pasadena Interorbital Systems

 1˚Week of Astronomy and Astronautics for students and public in general, and the 19th EREA Teaching of Astronomy Regional Gathering, an event aimed for teachers, held in July 2011.


OBA – Brazilian Astronomy Olympics
 In May of 2010, Tancredo School first participated in the OBA, it a way of sensitize students to projetcts' theme while being prepared by the group of teachers involved, students only knew in September after the teachers implementation was already achieved. Since then, participation in the OBA event became constant.
jornalista no Tancredo Neves Ubatuba Sat
applied tests in the OBA 2010


jornalista no Tancredo Neves Ubatuba Sat

Stars Planetarium Theather

 The Stars Planetarium Theater of Prof. Gesoaldo Maia, has been a must in presence for Tancredo School since 2010, hired by the school, the professor helps prepare students for the austronautics anual olympics event. Very didactic with quality in teaching, he was once again present in 2012 for the 4th time, this time with great updates, having interesting stars facts in a form of a lecture before starting the planetariums' session.